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How to improve the air flow of your Centrifugal Fan?

Ventiladores centrífugos colectores méxico

mejorar aire ventilador centrífugo

Los diversos procesos de producción industrial y los Sistemas de Ventilación en las Plantas, en algunas ocasiones requieren incrementar el flujo de aire para el que originalmente fueron calculados los equipos, por ejemplo:

Check the mechanical conditions of your fan:

What to do then?

Check rotor rotation

The ventiladores centrífugos, durante su operación estarán moviendo el aire, aunque el rotor esté girando en sentido contrario.

Some equipment will demand more power, however others may be operating for years with no malfunction detected.

Frequently, one of the reasons that centrifugal fans operate incorrectly, that is, that they deliver less air volume, are the loose bands, and it is generally between 10-20% less air flow.
The tolerance of the input cone and the rotor must keep their design ratio, otherwise they can be generate many air losses if they are too close or too far apart.
You cannot expect the fan to always be running at 100 percent if it works with dirty air. Even in large capacity centrifugal fans, a 1/16 thickness equivalent layer of dirt housed in the blades reduces their air delivery.

What is dust?

Dust generally consists of solid particles larger than one micron in diameter.

Particles larger than 1000 microns (1mm) are usually not considered fugitive, as they settle quickly and do not float in the air for long.

Particles smaller than one micron are considered fumes, since their behavior is more like gases than solids.

The most dangerous dust particles are those in the range of less than 10 microns, since they are breathable and can easily reach the interior of the lungs.

On the other hand, they have high surface areas per unit volume and are more combustible than larger particles.

El polvo, es en realidad un asunto de Salud, Seguridad y Finanzas para las empresas, ya que las consecuencias de un mal control de emisiones dentro y fuera la planta, les genera un alto costo anual, lo que se traduce en multas, ausentismo laboral por enfermedad, contaminación del ambiente, entre otras.

polvo mejorar aire ventilador centrífugo

PorlvSolid particle powder with a diameter less than 500 micrómetrors

Grupo OASIS fabricamos colectores de polvos humos y neblinas. La versatilidad de nuestros Colectores de Polvos, Humos y Neblinas marca DYNAFLO®. brand, the attention to detail during the manufacturing and installation process allowed us to work in Mexico and United States.Nuestros clientes de las industrias agroalimentaria, cementera, química, cerámica, automotriz, acerera, entre otras más nos respaldan.Nuestra amplia gama de productos como colectores de polvos, colectores de humos, colectores de neblinas, ciclones, colectores de humos portátiles, ventiladores industriales, válvulas rotatorias, filtros y refacciones, además de proyectos llave en mano, capacitación y mantenimiento de equipos nos permiten brindar servicios integrales. 

mejorar aire ventilador centrífugo. mejorar aire ventilador centrífugo

Filter cleaning system

The filtros en un Colector de Polvos, deben limpiarse periódicamente, ya que el polvo se acumula sobre la superficie de estos formando un “CAKE”, que hace la función de un pre-filtro del mismo filtro, lo que ocasiona un mal funcionamiento.

Eventually, this layer of dust (cake) increases the resistance of the air through the filters, decreasing the air volume capacity that is being handled in the system.

The equipment must have an automatic cleaning system (pulsejet), which pulses strong bursts of compressed air, through diaphragm valves that are sequentially actuated, by solenoid valves electrically actuated by a sequencer or solid-state TIMER.

The quality of compressed air is very important, so it must be monitored and cared for, it must be supplied clean and dry, at a pressure of between 90-100 Lbs / in²

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