Líderes en la fabricación de Colectores de Polvo, Humos y Neblinas

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In addition to the equipments manufacturing, Grupo Oasis also offers the following services:


Our personnel is highly qualified and have the knowledge to calculate the dust collection systems, to analyze the actual application and determine what are the system required components.

This cover from the Conceptual Engineering to the Detail Engineering, based in the criteria gathered from the Industrial Ventilation Manual (ACGIH).

The importance of the engineering is vital in order to guarantee the good operative performance of the system. Please allow us to work along with you in the development of your projects, where this engineering will set the difference in your systems operation.

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If your plant has already dust collection systems and their performance is not good enough for you, then we may offer you the necessary checking, balancing and optimization so your system works within the operation factors it was designed for.




Once this dust collection system was developed and installed, it is very important that your personnel get to know its functioning and maintenance.

Our company has the policy of assist our clients during the start-up of the systems , adjusting the air flow and giving the final training to the involved personnel. Knowing the system functioning, makes easier for the personnel to diagnose and detect problems which may affect its operation.

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Advantages of a good training:

  1. A better equipment operation
  2. Higher efficiency in your emissions-to the-atmosphere control
  3. A better handling of the collected product
  4. An operation and maintenance lower cost

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We offer solutions for the environmental pollution caused by the smoke, mists and dust emissions. Our product is not only the equipment, but the back ground of our technical personnel which guarantees that, when purchasing our services it will comply with your environmental control requirements.

When is time for speaking of problems, we are delighted to take part along with the final user, in order to give satisfying solutions.

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