Colectores de polvos industriales, Sistemas de ventilación industrial


Colectores de polvos industriales, Sistemas de ventilación industrial


Our personnel are highly trained and has the required knowledge to measure the dust collection systems, analyze the specific needs and to define the components of the required system.

The scope goes from the conceptual engineering to the detailed one based on the collected criteria on the Industrial Ventilation Manual (ACGIH).

The importance if the engineering is primordial to guarantee the correct operation of the system. Allow us to work with you on your project development, where the engineering can make a difference on the functioning of your systems.

Whole solutions

We offer solutions to the problematics environmental pollution caused of the emissions of smoke, fog and dust, Our products are not equipment only but the experience of our technical personnel which guarantees that when you acquire our services it will met your requirements of environmental control.


When it comes to talk about problems, we like to participate with our users to generate satisfactory solutions.


If currently your plant has dust collection systems and those are not operating satisfactorily, we can offer the assessment, tune up and optimization to ensure it work under the operation criteria for it was selected and specified for.


Once developed and implemented the dust collection system, it is very important that all your personnel have the full knowledge of the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Our company policy is to help our customer during the implementation of the systems, providing the calibration, the adjustments of air flow and to train the involved personnel.

To know the operation of the system, makes the diagnostic and troubleshooting easier for the personnel when the operation is affected.

Colectores de polvos industriales- Colectors 

Colectores de polvos industriales

Colectores de polvos industriales, Sistemas de ventilación industrial


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