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Mist Collectors

The Brand Mist Collectors DYNAFLO® Brand, are equipment designed for continuous operation, which is normally used in the collection of refrigerant mist, oils, among others, which are the result of machining, drawing and many other applications.

The peculiarity of this type of equipment is that it allows capturing in applications with a low dust and mist load.

Mists in industrial processes are defined as small drops of materials that are normally the result of processes involving liquids at normal temperature and pressure, these are suspended in the air. The aforementioned applications also include cutting fluids used in machine tool operations.

Typical cutting fluids include oil and / or mineral oil, coolant (oil and water), and fluids or cutting agents. These cutting fluids can carry out many functions, including: lubrication, cooling and washing of the final products and the tools used.

Oils and coolants allow machines to run faster, tools to last longer, and parts to be produced with high quality.

Some of the materials that can be collected by our mist collectors are:

Pure Oil
Water soluble coolants
Soluble in oil or semi-synthetic coolant
Synthetic coolant

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