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Bin Vent Type Dust Collectors

Our brand Bin Vent Type Dust Collectors DYNAFLO® Brand, are designed to be efficient in the processes of collecting materials in the venting of silos, hoppers or belts.

Their versatility and design allow us to manufacture them with different sizes and specifications, taking into account the required capacity, their application and the space available for their installation.

Benefits of Bin Vent Type Dust Collectors:

Our Engineering team perfected the design of a traditional Bin Vent, so our Bin Vent Type Dust Collectors brand DYNAFLO® Brand, offer the following advantages:

Ease of maintenance, being this more accessible and simple.
Ideal to be installed at great heights.
Versatile and efficient design.
Performance and durability.

The very efficient design of this type of collector allows the material that enters a compartment or container (Silo or Hopper), to displace the air inside, emitting dust with a positive air pressure inside the container and in turn generating its containment.

The technology applied in our equipment is based on the fact that suspended fine powders are captured by the Bin Vent and returned to the container (Silo or Hopper), in order to be reused in the process. The negative pressure is controlled by an OAI model fan (if necessary) and the emission to the atmosphere is completely clean.

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