Industrial Ventilation Systems
sistemas de ventilación industrial, colectores para empresas, polvos humos y neblinas

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Industrial Ventilation Systems

Ventilation System allows companies to ventilate areas that need to improve air flow, these can be large or small, the implementation of these type of systems has the purpose of constantly renewing air that is breathed and thus avoiding the accumulation of particles , gases or contaminated air in the work environment thereby protecting the health of employees and customers, these systems are designed based on the analysis of needs, taking into account the volume of air to move, fluidity, length, extraction areas, and velocity to mention some of the determinants for the calculations. At Grupo Oasis we have extensive experience in the manufacture and design of Industrial Ventilation Systems.

Some of its applications :

  • Industrial Ships
  • Factories
  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Cinemas
  • Underground Parking
  • Highway Tunnels

Between many more

Improve production time

In many cases, the heat accumulated within the facilities and production lines interfere with production times because it is necessary to wait for the equipment to cool down, also the products that require drying do so, as well as if during production they are generate dust, fumes or mists, you have to wait for them to dissipate, all of this directly impacts production times and costs.

Consult with our advisors which is the best solution to your needs.

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Taking care of the work environment

Nowadays the care of the work environment is very important for any company, this largely due to the various occupational safety and hygiene regulations. The implementation of ventilation systems allow to constantly clean the air flow within the facilities, creating a safe work environment for employees, helping to breathe free air of dust, fumes, mists, pollutants or viruses, which could cause illness, they also help to regulate the temperature, achieving a comfortable environment to carry out the various productive activities.

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Flexibility, Adaptability and Versatility

We know the importance of having a flexible industrial ventilation system that guarantees optimal performance, adaptability and to be friendly to the environment, allowing the company to save on maintenance and energy costs, in addition to having a great versatility in its components and design: for this reason we have a specialized engineering department that is continuously innovating in the design and manufacturing processes, applying new technologies that allow us to provide you with the best service and guaranteeing the performance and quality of our equipment.

Don't you know what equipment you need to extract heat, dust, fumes, gases and comfort in your facilities?

Call or write us, we are here to help you solve your ventilation problems.

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