Filtros Colector de Polvos duración

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Filtros Colector de Polvos duración


Benefits of a dust collector

If your company works with metals, chemicals, ceramics, cements, flours, smelting furnaces, rock grinding, marble, granite, welding, explosive or ignition-prone materials, sand blast booths, painting booths, polishing and detailing of parts , oils, among many other items in closed or open spaces, then you need to have an intelligent system of collection of dusts, fumes or mists and know its benefits.

Initially, we must take into account that in Mexico there are environmental laws by the SEMARNAT and PROFEPA (Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-085-SEMARNAT-2011) and protection of the health of employees by the STPS (Norma Oficial Mexicana  NOM-031-STPS-2010) that must be complied with by companies to avoid incurring faults that lead them to receive costly fines for environmental contamination and damage to health for not implementing or investing in this type of ventilation systems/ extraction, which allow a correct control of the micro particles (for example: PM 2.5, PM10) that are released during the various production processes and float in the environment.


  • Reduces the impact of pollutants on the environment, by controlling the dust, fumes or mists that could escape freely.
  • Protect Employee Health, since it allows to capture the harmful particles that float in the environment.
  • Cleaner and more comfortable work areas, by eliminating excess dust, fumes or mists and in turn the heat in the work environment, a comfort area is created.
  • Improves productivity and employee morale. These, by feeling comfortable in their work area, can carry out their daily activities without delays and in a better way.
  • Plant maintenance cost reduction, by controlling corrosive dust, fumes or mists that represent a danger to the company's infrastructure, maintenance costs, materials and labor hours can be reduced.
  • Higher equipment performance, prevents damage by accumulation of dust or any other material that prevents proper operation.
  • Renew the air inside the plant, thanks to its design and filtering system, it can remove harmful particles and filter the air, making it up to 99% clean.
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At Grupo Oasis, we develop your project from start to finish, we have specialized personnel to find the best solution for your company. Call us!

  • Real time monitoring, thanks to our DYNA FLO® Sequencer and our system you can verify the correct operation of the dust collector from anywhere.
  • Smart filter cleaning, program or adjust the pulse jet cleaning system from our DYNA FLO® Sequencer to run at the exact moment the filters need to remove excess dust to extend their wear time and improve performance.
  • Low energy consumption, our dust, fume or mist collection systems are designed and calibrated to keep energy consumption low.
  • Reduces the risk of explosions or fires¸ thanks to additional components that are used in these special cases.

Examples of risks


  • Severe damage to the Health of employees or the general population.
  • Irritations to eyes and skin.
  • Poisoning or poisoning by toxic agents in the environment.
  • Possible skin and lung cancer conditions.
  • Pneumatosis from exposure to dusts such as silicates.
  • Asthma, allergies, or death.


  • Damage to the environment such as flora and fauna.
  • Air pollution.


  • High fines for breaches of the law.
  • Closure by authorities.
  • Production delays.
  • Costly compensation.
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In addition, it is very important that those in charge of maintenance understand that they not only have a dust, smoke or mist collection equipment, but a whole system comprised of ducts, hoods, spark arresters, filters, cleaning system, rotary valves, centrifugal fan. , etc., and that the necessary time and consideration should be taken in its reviews for the correct operation of this.

If your company has dust control problems such as those mentioned above or others, it is very important to contact us to carry out a survey of the needs and find the best solution to the needs of the company, remember that it is best to have a team designed specifically for each particular case, this ensures that the system works properly for what is required.

DYNA FLO® Tips: 

  • Replace all dirty filters with new ones, it is not recommended to do it in parts.
  • Do not manually clean the filters, as you could damage them.
  • Consider in your budgets the maintenance of your collectors and the change of filters.
  • Always take into account the opinion of the collector operators.

Collector Types 

Filtros Colector de Polvos duración


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