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Colectores portátiles y la industria farmacéutica

En todo el mundo, la fabricación de medicamentos es un proceso que requiere de los más altos estándares de calidad, seguridad y eficiencia. Uno de los aspectos más importantes para garantizar estos requisitos es el control de la contaminación por polvos, que puede afectar negativamente a la salud de los trabajadores, al medio ambiente y a la integridad de los productos farmacéuticos.

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colector de polvo

The importance of a dust collector in a foundry.

Metal foundries play a very important role in the production of various products around the world, from aeronautical parts, automobiles, industrial components and for our daily lives. However, this industrial process can generate large amounts of dust and suspended particles that pose risks to both workers and the environment.

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colector de polvos

The impact of dust on production

Dust is a recurring and underestimated problem in many industries, and its presence can have a significant impact on factory production. Although at first glance it may seem harmless, dust can cause various problems that affect efficiency, product quality, worker health and the environment. In this article, we will explore how dust affects factory production and possible solutions to mitigate its consequences.

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Features of a Dust Collector

Factories and businesses needed a specialized aspiration system for these particles, since the repercussions of these on the health of employees reduced their ability to work, making it difficult to breathe in work areas; Another factor was preventing dust or fumes from stagnating within the production areas. In the case of dust, it had to be prevented from accumulating and causing some type of accident.

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entorno ambiental, condiciones ambientales

Environmental environment within the company

Taking care of the environmental conditions in the work area within factories has a very important role, since it provides comfort so that workers can perform their duties comfortably. Another important point is to keep the air free of dust. , smoke or mist that could cause health complications or accidents.

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neblinas de aceite, CNC

Oil mists

The workshops that work with specialized equipment such as CNC or lathes, require the use of liquids such as water and oils, aerosols are also used in some of these machining processes, these must be controlled at the point where they are generated, preventing them from come into contact with workers.

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tolvas y válvulas rotatorias, tolvas de depósito

Hoppers and Rotary Valves

A dust collector is made up of various parts that fulfill a specific function, all its components are made of very resistant materials, they must tolerate abrasions, high pressures and corrosion, such as deposit hoppers and rotary valves.

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colector de polvo, filtración de partículas

Particle Filtration

In most production processes, micro particles are generated that remain suspended in the air, these are breathed in directly by workers and can cause various respiratory diseases.

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