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The workshops that work with specialized equipment such as CNC or lathes, require the use of liquids such as water and oils, aerosols are also used in some of these machining processes, these must be controlled at the point where they are generated, preventing them from come into contact with workers.
A dust collector is made up of various parts that fulfill a specific function, all its components are made of very resistant materials, they must tolerate abrasions, high pressures and corrosion, such as deposit hoppers and rotary valves.
colector de polvo
In most production processes, micro particles are generated that remain suspended in the air, these are breathed in directly by workers and can cause various respiratory diseases.
colector de polvo
This 2022, during the past World Health Day, the WHO, has presented a new analysis of its Guidelines to measure Air Quality throughout the world, the results are not encouraging, 99% of the world population breathes polluted air .
In the Industrial sector around the world, there are processes that require the use of some type of manufacturing gas, whether they are dedicated to metallurgy, food, health, agriculture, etc. Its use depends to a large extent on the applications and the function it fulfills during the production process.
Industries dedicated to manufacturing or assembly, in their distribution within the plant, implement small, compact and versatile areas, called work stations. These are regularly placed in series, since this makes the production lines more efficient.

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Colectores Ventilación industrial

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