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humo de soldadura, grupo oasis colectores industriales, colector de polvo, colectores dyna flo


Welding fume and health damage

The welding smoke that is generated during the process of joining metal parts is a mixture of solids that are released and condense into microscopic particles, which we commonly see as fumes, vapors or gases. The chemical and physical transformation that fluxes undergo during work, generate emissions that are harmful and cause damage to the health of workers. 

The work atmosphere plays an important role, since it influences some changes that fluxes undergo when they come into contact with the environment.

One of the main concerns are the effects that welding smoke has on the health of workers, this because, when breathed directly by welders, it enters their throat and lungs. Also the type of material with which they work is a very important factor, since some can have serious effects and in some cases the symptoms can appear immediately, others later and in some cases they become chronic conditions after years. of exposure to these toxic fumes.

Smoke fever?

One of the common illnesses when exposed to welding smoke is acute breathing disorder, this illness is similar to a flu accompanied by a fever that lasts up to a couple of days in the best of cases, it is regularly caused by exposure. to the smoke of zinc, copper, magnesium and cadmium.

In the case of cadmium, the high exposure to it is the most serious, since it causes internal injuries such as irritations in the lungs, pulmonary edema and in some cases even death.

Other effects

  • Long-term exposure to welding fume causes severe damage to the general respiratory system and the nervous system.
  • Manganese smoke poisoning contained in the steel or in the welding itself.
  • Cancer, metals such as stainless steel, high-alloy steels or chromium and nickel, can cause cancer by prolonged exposure to workers.
  • Dangerous gas poisoning.

Precautionary measures

DYNA FLO® Smoke Collectors are the best solution to reduce the aforementioned risks, our collectors are designed to capture smoke directly where it is being generated, that is, they allow it to be captured locally. In addition, depending on the type of welding that is carried out, a specific type of collector can be placed, for example; In processes where containers, parts, metal cans, among others, have to be manually welded, a DYNA FLO® Portable Fume Collector can be used, since these allow great mobility in confined spaces, as they have a multi-position arm, it can be moved and accommodate it according to the welder's needs, its wheels and lightness allow it to be moved around the work area and its compact size is ideal for confined spaces.

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DYNA FLO® Tips: 

  • If you work in tight spaces welding, require flexibility and mobility, a portable collector might be the best solution. Call us and we will gladly advise you.
  • In addition to controlling welding fumes, they can also aid in the control of fine powders.

Collector Types 

humo de soldadura, grupo oasis colectores industriales, colector de polvo, colectores dyna flo

humo de soldadura, grupo oasis colectores industriales, colector de polvo, colectores dyna flo

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