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Norma 484 Metales combustibles residuos industriales
Las buenas prácticas en manejo de Metales Combustibles dentro de las empresas, están basadas en la norma 484 de la NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), dicha norma establece los parámetros adecuados para la prevención y manejo de estos residuos, como, por ejemplo: potasio, magnesio, circonio, titanio, sodio y litio.
The National Fire Protection Association or NFPA, is an international voluntary institution, which aims to standardize action protocols in Fire Protection and Prevention (National Fire Codes), this entity promotes good practices in the fire fighting and prevention.
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Combustible dusts are considered all those materials that have as part of their properties the ability to catch fire or generate an explosion. The NFPA 654 of the year 2006 defines it as any solid particle that represents fire or deflagration, regardless of its size.
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The performance of the bags or sleeves depends closely on the materials with which it is manufactured, as well as other factors. Choosing the right filter for a Dust Collector is very important, since the efficiency of capturing the particles depends on this and that the equipment has optimal performance during its operation.
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Te has preguntado ¿Cuánto dinero te ahorran los mantenimientos preventivos de tus equipos o maquinaria?, sin duda es una de las interrogantes más frecuentes que nos hacemos mientras realizamos los presupuestos para este rubro en las empresas.
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En los procesos de metalurgia y mecanizado es muy común que se generen neblinas, esto debido a la naturaleza de los diversos métodos de producción. El desprendimiento de micro partículas que quedan en el medio ambiente de trabajo...
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In many companies, allocating resources to maintain their equipment is not a priority, because they consider that as long as they do not fail, they do not require attention or they simply see it as unnecessary. But, when these are damaged and need to be repaired, they realize the mistake that is made by not considering a preventive maintenance program and allocating resources to them.
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In a Dust Collector, the differential pressure can be defined as the difference in pressure that exists between the dirty side of the filter chamber and the clean side of it, that is, it is the resistance that is generated when the air flow enters to the baghouse in the collector.
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Interstitial Velocity, or CAN Velocity, is defined as the upward velocity of air through the open area between filter bags within a dust collector.
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The welding smoke that is generated during the process of joining metal parts is a mixture of solids that are released and condense into microscopic particles, which we commonly see as fumes, vapors or gases.

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