tolvas colector de polvos, grupo oasis colectores industriales

tolvas colector de polvos grupo oasis colectores industriales ventilación industrial tipos de ventilación

tolvas colector de polvos, grupo oasis colectores industriales


Hoppers: Function and Application

The tolvas forman parte de la estructura de los colectores de polvos, cumplen una función muy importante, la cual es canalizar los materiales ya sean de tipo granulados, pulverizados, entre otros hacia el contenedor en donde se almacenará el material colectado. Estas son montadas en un chasis rígido que sirve como soporte, su forma regularmente es cónica y con paredes inclinadas.

The characteristics for the manufacture of the hopper will depend on the type of application, such as, material from which it must be manufactured, the degree of inclination of its walls, volume of material that will pass through it, diameter of the sluice through which the materials will be disposed of. , to name a few.

It is very important to consider the degree of inclination of the walls, since it depends on this that the material does not accumulate.

Recovery of Materials

In many companies, the materials that are recovered thanks to the dust collectors can be reused, in this part the hoppers intervene, since, by functioning as a transition, the materials that are to be reused can be stored in the container by the bottom and / or connected with a rotary valve to the same process. Although also, the materials can be recovered to be recycled correctly and give them the appropriate treatment to avoid polluting the environment.


Hoppers are used in dust collectors, but they also have applications in the agricultural, food, medical, plastic, and bulk industries, among many others. 

Discharge dimensions

An important point to take into account is the diameter of the discharge mouth, since the materials will pass through there to be deposited in a container, boat or super sack. Normally it is a square flange, its dimensions vary because, the more material accumulates in the outlet, the larger the diameter must be.

Some of the most common measurements are 10 ”x 10”, 12 ”x 12”, 14 ”x 14”, this last measurement is applied when the materials are fibrous, such as fiberglass, since static charges are generated.

The height of the discharge to the floor must always be considered within the engineering, this due to the type of container that is placed, normally the free distance from the mouth of the hopper to the floor is 48 ”free, since the most Common used to store waste are 200-liter drums.

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Collector Types 

errores colector de polvos, colector

tolvas colector de polvos, grupo oasis colectores industriales

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