filtro electroestático aplicaciones

filtro electroestático aplicaciones, filtros para colectores, filtros y refacciones
filtro electroestático aplicaciones


What is an Electrostatic filter?

This type of filter allows the capture of micro particles such as cigarette smoke, soot, aerosols or bacteria that float in the environment, designed to help improve environmental conditions in hospitals, shopping centers, offices, movie theaters, to name a few. allow you to create a safe and comfort zone.

The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) highlights that air pollution inside facilities around the world, as one of the five risks to our health.

Some of the most common risks are:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Infectious diseases
  • Dangerous microorganisms
  • Ultra Fine Particles
  • Long-term Health Effects
  • Allergic reactions

Some of its applications :

In the area sanitary, these help clean the air of dangerous pathogens, eliminate bacteria and volatile organic compounds, with this it helps to prevent infections, reducing biological loads, ultra-fine particles, preventing cross contamination of diseases and improving disease control.   

In the area corporate, allows to improve air quality inside offices, conference rooms, warehouses, warehouses. Better ventilation of spaces reduces the risk of illnesses, reduces absenteeism due to illnesses, improves employee morale by having a comfort area and reduces energy consumption.

Also in the area educational, it is vitally important to eliminate risk factors for children, since schools are usually incubators for batteries and allergies, so it is very important to implement ventilation systems with this type of technology.

filtro electroestático aplicaciones, filtros para colectores, filtros y refacciones

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The implementation of this technology is beneficial for the Health of employees and the company in general.

In the buildings of the corporations of Public security, normally they are always full of people who work in completely closed spaces and in many cases with no ventilation, that is why it is very important to have structured ventilation that prevents workers from working with contaminated and unhealthy air, this type technology is viable for control and monitoring centers, evidence warehouses, offices, among many more. It also serves for the control and elimination of odors.

The Hotels, are another area in which it is essential to have an adequate ventilation system in which the circulating air is fresh, clean and completely free of bacteria. Create environments full of comfort, relaxation, that promote adequate rest and free of diseases.

Definitely the area Industrial, where it is required to work with precision and attention to detail, the technology of electrostatic filters will be of great help, in which they allow to control the ultra-fine particles that are floating in the environment, thereby achieving that the workers are in a safe and reliable environment, controlling odors, gaseous pollutants, aerosols, etc.

Entertainment Centers, casinos, cinemas, event halls, restaurants, are spaces that must be completely free of any type of virus or particles that can cause any type of illness or allergies.

filtro electroestático aplicaciones, filtros para colectores, filtros y refacciones

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GymsThese types of spaces that are closed must apply technology to prevent the concentration of odors, germs and dust from generating allergic reactions or causing diseases. Prevent cross contamination.

These and many other applications in which electrostatic filters can be highly effective.

Stages of particle filtration

Stage 1: The ionization process of the particles that are suspended in the air is carried out, this is achieved by making them pass through a system of electrodes and aluminum plates.

Stage 2: Once the suspended particles are charged, they pass through an electrostatic field, formed by a group of aluminum plates alternately connected to the different potential, these move towards the electrodes where they are trapped. In the case of liquid droplets, coalescence occurs, and the liquid film is seen to slide along the aluminum plates.

Stage 3: Elimination of the material captured in the electrodes, by cleaning them.

If you require an electrostatic filter system, always consult with us, we are specialists, we will help you find the best solution to your needs.

DYNA FLO® Tips: 

  • Replace all dirty filters with new ones, it is not recommended to do it in parts.
  • Do not manually clean the filters, as you could damage them.
  • Consider in your budgets the maintenance of your ventilation system
  • Always take into account the opinion of the maintenance staff.

Collector Types 

filtro electroestático aplicaciones


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