Renovar viejo colector de polvos

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Renew my old dust collector?

If you are thinking of replacing your old industrial dust collector, but don't have the budget, then you should consider revitalizing it. Comprehensive maintenance of the equipment could revitalize it and improve its performance, it is very important to carry out a detailed evaluation of the new needs that the equipment must cover.

In most cases, the collectors begin to deteriorate and shorten their lifespan due to little or no maintenance, since in many cases the managers consider that it is not worth investing in preventive maintenance. The moving parts such as the fan and the discharge system suffer increased wear and corrosion due to their function, on the other hand, the rest of the collector components are compromised by other factors such as the accumulation of debris.

Collectors with overload

A collector that is overloaded will show any of the following symptoms:

  • Dust leakage due to damaged filters and uncontrollable differential pressure. One of the consequences of this is the increase in spending on filters, due to the constant change of these.
  • Low air flow due to high differential pressure.
  • Excessive emissions of dust in the chimneys or very little efficiency in the collection of dust, one of the consequences of this is the generation of environmental pollution.
  • Poor suction of the hoods, as a consequence, an overexposure of workers to pollutants that could harm their health is generated.


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It is extremely important that the container under the hopper is emptied periodically and that its limit is not exceeded, thereby preventing it from overfilling. It is also very important to avoid the accumulation of dust in the upper filter section, if the aforementioned happens, premature clogging and inefficient separation will occur.

Periodically check that

  • The collector mirror does not show leaks or corrosion, performs a tracer powder and black light test to detect damaged welds, as well as detects cracks in the metal.
  • Corroborate the correct operation of the fan, confirm that the rotor is rotating in the correct direction, since centrifugal fans with flat back blades can supply up to 70% of the air volume for which they were designed, even turning in the opposite direction.
  • Make sure the ducts coming from the hoods are not clogged by settled material.
  • Check the entry of false air in the ducts, make sure that the flanges do not have gaps or holes caused by abrasion.
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Bag type collector for dust control within the facilities.

  • If you need to improve the performance of the fan, check with the supplier the manufacturing specifications, in order to obtain the maximum speed and thus obtain the best performance.
  • Verify the compressed air of the self-cleaning system (pulse jet), this must be available at the indicated pressure and volume, as well as clean and dry, with this you will avoid premature plugging in the filters
  • Inspects the correct operation of the solenoids and diaphragm valves, confirming the air outlet through the vent and its outlet port.
  • Check the sound of the diaphragm valve, it should be punctual and loud. In the event that the valve malfunctions, you should open it and check the replacement, plus it should be free of corrosion, seat cracks, or plugged internal vent port.
  • Review the parameters for pulse duration and rate.
  • Keep a log of the differential pressure and motor amperage.

Important note:

For a dust collection system with fixed ducts, that is, without a control damper, the change in air flow varies directly with the speed of the fan rotor, for example; If the fan speed is increased by 15%, the fan will squared the fan speed and the motor power will vary as the cube of that speed. This leads us to modify not only the speed of the fan, but also to a complete overhaul of the system, also varying the diameters of the ducts, as well as the fan motor.

Renovar viejo colector de polvos

DYNA FLO® Tips: 

  • If you need to maintain your industrial collectors, call us!
  • Implement DYNA FLO® dust, fume or mist collector systems in your facilities.
  • Reduce possible damage to the health of your employees, applying particle handling and control protocols.
  • Always seek professional advice to know what type of equipment you need in your company.

Collector Types 

Renovar viejo colector de polvos

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