filtración de partículas, partículas industriales

colector de polvo, filtración de partículas

filtración de partículas, filtración de polvos, partículas suspendidas, partículas industriales


Particle Filtration

In most production processes, micro-particles are generated that remain suspended in the air, these accumulate inside the factories and are breathed in directly by the workers, they can also cause various respiratory diseases or explosions.

On some occasions, the dust or residues that float in the air come into contact with the skin and eyes, causing allergic reactions and in some cases more serious damage. These materials can also accumulate in various parts of the production plant. Dust accumulation can cause damage to machinery, tools and even explosions depending on its chemical composition.

Processes that generate pollutants

Some processes in which a lot of particulate material is generated are those that involve cutting with a saw, grinders, grinding, crushing, to mention a few, during these works, the particles that are generated can be up to 0.5 mica, which easily reach directly into the lungs. In many of these cases, the best solution is to place a collector with localized suction at the point of origin, which allows the particles to be captured (particle filtration) thereby preventing them from being breathed.

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Another process in which it is extremely important to have an industrial dust collector is in the discharge of materials, such as; hoppers, train wagons or silos, during the unloading of the materials that are stored in this type of containers, a large amount of material is generated that is dispersed through the air, to control these dusts, a specialized collection system must be implemented .

Air recirculation

By having a dust collector, these are in charge of capturing floating dust in the environment (particle filtration), they are filtered in a bank of filters, either with nanofiber cartridge filters or bag-type filters. These, depending on the type of material to be captured, is the composition of the material from which they must be made, the filters will allow clean air, free of contaminants, to be sent into the company, thereby improving the ambient temperature in the work area. and reduce costs in air conditioning energy expenditure.

Always consider

All the factors that intervene in your production processes, the location of the dust generating source, natural environmental conditions such as air currents, artificial conditions such as fans or climates, height, open or closed spaces, etc., all of these Factors can directly affect dust control, in case you already have equipment and it is not giving you the desired performance, but if you still do not have a specialized dust collection system, then consult us, we have with a team of specialized engineers for the design and manufacture of the customized solution that you require.

In conclusion, invest in a dust collector DYNA FLO®, will allow your company to improve the environmental working conditions of employees, protect their health, take care of work equipment and reduce possible risks of fire or explosion due to the accumulation of combustible dust.

DYNA FLO® Tips: 

  • A dust collector DYNA FLO, is always a good option to help control and reduce risks from combustible dust.
  • If you require a reliable analysis to implement the best solution for dust control, contact us, we are ready to help you.
  • Analyze the potential risks and possible risk scenarios in your company.

filtración de partículas, partículas suspendidas

Improve the air quality in your company with our dust collectors!

At Grupo OASIS, we specialize in providing efficient and reliable particle filtration solutions for your business. Our dust collectors are the perfect choice to control and eliminate particles suspended in the air, thus improving the air quality in your work environment. Whether you need a filtration system for your workshop, factory, warehouse or other industrial environment, we have the right solution for you:

filtración de partículas, partículas suspendidas

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