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Portable Dust Collectors

Our brand Portable Dust and Smoke Collectors DYNAFLO® Brand, are specially designed to be used in processes in which it is necessary to have mobility and to change the location of localized extraction.

One of the main applications of this type of portable Dust and Smoke Collectors is during welding, plasma, laser or even sometimes in wood cutting processes where fines are generated.

This type of equipment helps the personnel not to be in contact with the harmful particles that emanate from the process. By using this equipment in welding, the operator is prevented from being exposed to fumes since this type of dust is formed in approximately 80% of submicron particles (very fine particles) that easily reach the welder's lungs.

That is why in Grupo Oasis we took on the task of manufacturing special systems, with versatility and high performance, that allow us to eliminate these fumes and dusts that can harm the health of workers.

Benefits of Portable Dust Collectors:

Our Engineering team perfected the design of a traditional Bin Vent, so our Bin Vent Type Dust Collectors brand DYNAFLO® Brand, offer the following advantages:


It has wheels for easy mobility and relocation.


Thanks to its compact design, it is placed in small spaces allowing maneuverability.


It can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Lower maintenance cost:

Being a small team, its maintenance cost is very low.

If you need more information, our advisors will be happy to guide you, contact us!


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