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Air quality and its impact on Health and the Environment

For companies worldwide, one of the main concerns today is the impact of their production on the environment, air quality is a priority issue due to the risk it represents for this and for the health of its employees, the damages that air pollution can cause are serious, the World Health Organization (OMS)

highlights that in previous years the main respiratory diseases resulted in cerebrovascular accidents, lung cancer, chronic and acute lung diseases, including asthma.

Exposure to 2.5 micron particles (PM 2.5) or smaller diameter caused in some parts of the world, the 91% of premature deaths due to air pollution in general, 58% of these related to air pollution were due to ischemic heart disease and stroke, while 18% were due to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and respiratory infections acute, and 6% to lung cancer.

Rules and Regulations in Mexico

In Mexico, there are regulations that allow regulating these matters of great importance, the norm NOM-019-STPS-2004 Among others, it indicates the Safety and Hygiene conditions in the work centers, emphasizing ventilation, it establishes that companies must have natural or artificial ventilation systems that prevent damage to the health of employees, also in the NOM-085-SEMARNAT-2011 Among others, the maximum levels allowed for the emission of fumes, dust, particles, carbon monoxides (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO₂) and nitrogen oxides (NOₓ) and the responsibility of the companies are established.

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contaminación del aire méxico, colectores de polvo humo y neblinas, sistemas de ventilación industrial, grupo oasis méxico

Dust Collectors in Industry

For the Industry in Mexico, the implementation of Dust Collector Systems, Smoke Collectors, Mist Collectors, Industrial Gas Collectors or Industrial Ventilation Systems, in accordance with the standard NMX-AA-118-SCFI-2001 Among others of the SEMARNAT, it is established that it is essential to mitigate emissions to the atmosphere through these systems, which allow controlling and filtering harmful particles, helping to improve the quality of the air that circulates within the facilities, avoiding damage to the Employee health and if necessary, the air that needs to be expelled into the atmosphere is clean and helps reduce the impact on the environment, following these indications, the companies become socially responsible and eco friendly by complying with the provisions of the law.

contaminación del ambiente de trabajo, fabricas industriales, sistemas de ventilación industrial, polvos humos y neblinas
Renovar viejo colector de polvos, dyna flo, oasis méxico, sistemas de ventilación industrial

Bag type collector for dust control within the facilities.

Tips DYNA FLO®: 

  • Implement DYNA FLO® dust, fume or mist collector systems in your facilities.
  • Reduce possible damage to the health of your employees, applying particle handling and control protocols.
  • Always seek professional advice to know what type of equipment you need in your company.

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