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Maintenance of a Dust Collector

In many companies, allocating resources to maintain their equipment is not a priority, because they consider that as long as they do not fail, they do not require attention or they simply see it as unnecessary. But, when these are damaged and need to be repaired, they realize the mistake that is made by not considering a preventive maintenance program and allocating resources to them.

Companies that invest in a dust, fume or mist collection system know how important it is to have a preventive maintenance program for this equipment, whose main function is to help control particles that are released during production processes. . The performance and proper functioning of these is linked to their timely attention.

A Dust Collector in optimal conditions will perform the function for which it was designed and manufactured, it will achieve its objective of controlling dust, fumes or mist, with low energy costs and low maintenance costs. 

The other main objective of the Dust Collectors in the companies is to keep the work environment free of possible harmful particles and contaminants, so that the workers can carry out their functions, this contributes to the care and protection of health, keeping the areas clean of work and prevents other equipment from being affected by dust accumulation.

It is very important to keep a record of data

By having a maintenance program for your dust collector, you can manually record and control its behavior. Create a format in which you write down the data per day, operating time, incidents, differential pressure, filter changes, etc; With our DYNA FLO® sequencer with remote monitoring, you can obtain the differential pressure reading remotely, since they send all the information on the behavior of the collector to the cloud and it can be consulted in real time.

Undoubtedly, having this data will help executives in decision making, the analysis of this will allow them to have a real picture of the operation of their equipment and be able to allocate sufficient resources for its maintenance, to the operators, it will allow them to detect possible abnormalities in the operation of the equipment, detect if any filter is damaged or saturated, etc.

A service policy can save your daily operation

Anticipating unforeseen events is another reason why it is good to have reliable information on the behavior of the collector.

At Grupo Oasis, we know the importance of taking care of the investment made in a Dust Collector, for this reason we offer an annual maintenance policy, if you want more information, you can contact us directly and we will gladly guide you how to acquire it.

Our commitment is to provide you with the best service.

DYNA FLO® Tips: 

  • Acquire a maintenance policy for your Dust Collectors with us, avoid unnecessary delays.

Collector Types 

mantenimiento colector de polvo, mantenimiento colectores, colectores industriales,Fábrica ventiladores industriales

mantenimiento colector de polvo, mantenimiento colectores, colectores industriales, Fábrica ventiladores industriales

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