Líderes en la fabricación de Colectores de Polvo, Humos y Neblinas

Industrial Fans

The DYNA FLO Fans are very competitive with those offering similar flows and static pressures.

The air volumes of fans handle beyond the 10’000 cfm (16,990 m3 / h). This type of Fans offer high efficiency because they are made with flat blade rotors backward.

Another benefit of these fans is not overloaded, that is not enough amperage provided under no load conditions, ie without being connected to ducts.

At the moment of choosing a fan, the following factors must be taken into consideration:

  1. Airflow required
  2. System static pressure
  3. Type of material to be handled through the fan
  4. The motor arrangement (pulleys and bands or direct connection)


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Industrial Fans
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