Líderes en la fabricación de Colectores de Polvo, Humos y Neblinas


Why a dust collector?

A dust collector system improves air quality, removing undesirable particles caused by tools, machinery and / or production processes.

The dust collection system include:

  • Suction hoods
  • Ductwork and accessories
  • Dust Collector
  • Extractor fan
  • Discharge system (rotary valve, helical transport, counterbalance valves).

Our dust collectors systems collect fine particles in the working environment, and then retained on the filters. Once captured, the dust is drawn into the discharge chute and clean air filter can be downloaded into the atmosphere. Dust drawn either by nature or convenience can be recovered to the process or discarded by the standards regulated by environmental standards.

Some of the advantages that provides a dust collector:

  • Cleaning contaminated area
  • Waste reduction
  • Recycling of collected materials
  • Better working environment for operators
  • Less respiratory diseases

The dust collectors are very important for any industry, from cement to food grade and in all production processes where fugitive particles are generated.

The dust collector DYNA FLO is a team of continuous operation system, We design cartridge collectors, type Bags, Cyclones, Mist Collector, Portables, Fans, Rotary Valves, helical transport, etc. type

Our dust collectors are in a modular style, using the principle of input upper dirty air, side, through the hopper, etc., it depends on the application and configuration of the equipment, this to minimize re-trapped the material during the cleaning process with compressed air pulse.

Our people have a lot of experience in solving these problems of contamination by dust generated in the process, it is constantly in search of new knowledge to offer our customers the highest quality equipment and get the best result: YOUR SATISFACTION!